Purebred: Pug

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Purebred: Pug

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is a base purebred for designer dogs aka mixed or crossbreed breeds.

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Wanted: Bugg - Pug mix with Boston-Terrier

I am looking for a Bugg puppy for the holiday. prefer a male .

Wanted: Pugador - Pug mix with Labrador-Retriever

Must be mostly tan colour not black

Wanted: Chug - Pug mix with Chihuahua

I am after a chug puppy, any color,any sex, preferrably under 12 weeks

Wanted: Chug - Pug mix with Chihuahua

I am looking for a chug puppy for a family with kids in the NSW or Victoria area

Wanted: Pushon - Pug mix with Bichon-Frise

I'm looking for a puppy that's half pug half bushon.

Wanted: Puggat - Pug mix with American-Rat-Terrier


Wanted: Chug - Pug mix with Chihuahua

Fawn male Chug puppy. Black muzzle and white on chest

Wanted: Chug - Pug mix with Chihuahua

Im looking for a female chug puppy, that is super tiny & fawn colored.

Wanted: Bugg - Pug mix with Boston-Terrier

A male bug, more boston than pug

Wanted: Chug - Pug mix with Chihuahua

Any Color/male or female Want very small, pug face/ adult or puppy

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Articles on Pug mix breeds

  • Irish Breed Dog Mixes

    So, what do you get when you mix an Irish Water Spaniel with an English springer spaniel? You get an Irish Springer, a dog fresh and clean as a whistle! This little joke illustrates the fact that crossing breeds can sometimes have some unexpected outcomes; some can even be comical, like the Puggle (Pug + Beagle), while others are very desirable. For example, the Irish setter, as we know it today, is the result of mixing six different breeds over time. According to...

  • Puggle - a sweet mix!

    The word Puggle has a whimsical ring to it, and it's no doubt this breed makes for a great pet. This hybrid is a cross between the ever common Pug, and the energetic Beagle. Like the two breeds it's crossed with, the Puggle would do well in a family environment, with children and other pets. This is a sweet breed who's interest in everything will be an endless source of amusement. Take a little spunk from the Beagle, mix it with the sweet disposition of the Pug, and you have a great designer dog, the Puggle! The Puggle can certainly be considered a lap dog, ranging from...

  • Buggs - Not the bunny, the dog!

    There's a reason Pugs are used to create so many hybrid dog breeds; they're charming, personable, and apartment friendly making them ideal pets for the city dweller. So what happens when you take a breed like the Pug and mix it with the equally loving Boston Terrier? You get a Buggs! Buggs are going to...