Purebred: Boxer

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Purebred: Boxer

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is a base purebred for designer dogs aka mixed or crossbreed breeds.

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Wanted: Bulloxer - Boxer mix with American-Bulldog

my name is josh and I have a 2 year old f1 bulloxer bitch named tannya and im looking for her a mate very choosey on color and build

Wanted: Boxador - Boxer mix with Labrador-Retriever

I want a healthy, sweet boxador puppy. Looking for a puppy available in June.

Wanted: Boxador - Boxer mix with Labrador-Retriever

We are interested in a F1 female puppy

Wanted: Boxador - Boxer mix with Labrador-Retriever

After boxador pup prefer dad to be boxer mum to be Labrador

Wanted: Boxweiler - Boxer mix with Rottweiler

male,tan black nose and ears,spot of white on chest asap pz mother a rott father a boxer

Wanted: Boxweiler - Boxer mix with Rottweiler

male,tan black nose and ears,spot of white on chest asap pz

Wanted: Boxador - Boxer mix with Labrador-Retriever

I am in search of a black and white boxador puppy. I had jus recently lost my best friend/dog who was a boxador as well. I love these types of dogs and in search of a new one....

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Articles on Boxer mix breeds

  • Boxerdoodle - a family mix

    The Boxer is one of the more popular breeds for families with kids; they are excellent with children and very loyal to their families and so they make excellent candidates for those in need of a “protector” or sorts. Poodles share some of the same personality traits as the Boxer, and are incredibly intelligent and easy to train. Sounds like the perfect match, doesn't it? Your Boxerdoodle will be a...

  • Boxweiler - a loyal mix breed

    Did you know the Rottweiler was once bred to be a herding dog? Many people today are frightened of the breed because of it's large size, and "tough" looks. Truth be told the Rottweiler breed is intelligent, loyal, and if trained properly an excellent family pet. The Boxer is also one of the most popular family dog; they are phenomenal with children and are loving, loyal additions to your family. The two breeds mixed together give you the Boxweiler; this hybrid pup will be anything but...

  • Boxador - best guardian for your children

    There are two breeds that are known for their love of children; the Labrador, and the Boxer. These two breeds are known for their loyalty, and playful attitudes. The Labrador is a working breed, best known for retrieving and hunting and for their charming personalities, non aggressive tendencies, and ability to withstand ear tugging from children. The Boxer is more standoffish, preferring the company of his own family to that of strangers, who he is wary of. When you put these two breeds together you are creating...

  • Golden Boxer - stands out of the rest

    When you hear the term “Golden Boxer” you are probably thinking of a Boxer that stands out from the rest, and is the “golden” puppy of the litter. Clever thinking, but a Golden Boxer is a breed of designer dog that's becoming more popular here in the United States thanks to it's excellent temperament, and good looks. Both Golden Retrievers and Boxers are known for...

  • The Loveable Golden Boxer Mixed Breed

    This is one of the cutest puppies you will ever meet. Although it is called a boxer, it is actually a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Boxer. This boxer/retriever mix breed something that many people will want to take home. The Golden Boxer is a...

  • Choosing a Mixed Breed

    People who decide they want a dog and then acquire a mongrel rather than a pedigree fall into two groups those who have thought very carefully about it and those who haven’t. People who search their hearts and finally choose a...