Cairnoodle crossbreed – mix of Cairn-Terrier and Poodle

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Cairnoodle mix breed

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Cairnoodle - designer/crossbreed/crossbreed/mix dog

Cairnoodle not a purebred but a crossbreed (mixed breed) dog also called hybrid (designer dog).

As you could guess from it name the Cairnoodle is a mix of Cairn-Terrier and Poodle

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F1, F1b, F2 & F3 Cairnoodles - what are those numbers mean?

There is a gradation of Cairnoodle dogs by percent of parent purebreds.

F1 Cairnoodle are 50x50 mixes created by crossing 100% purebred Cairn-Terrier with 100% purebred Poodle.

F1B Cairnoodles are 25x75 mixes created by crossing F1 Cairnoodle with one of parent breed (100% purebred Cairn-Terrier or Poodle).

Learn more about F1 Cairnoodle at F1 Dogs .com.

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