Beabull crossbreed – mix of Beagle and Bulldog

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Beabull mix breed

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Beabull - designer/crossbreed/crossbreed/mix dog

Beabull not a purebred but a crossbreed (mixed breed) dog also called hybrid (designer dog).

As you could guess from it name the Beabull is a mix of Beagle and Bulldog

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F1, F1b, F2 & F3 Beabulls - what are those numbers mean?

There is a gradation of Beabull dogs by percent of parent purebreds.

F1 Beabull are 50x50 mixes created by crossing 100% purebred Beagle with 100% purebred Bulldog.

F1B Beabulls are 25x75 mixes created by crossing F1 Beabull with one of parent breed (100% purebred Beagle or Bulldog).

Learn more about F1 Beabull at F1 Dogs .com.

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Articles on Beabull

  • Beabull - an unexpected mix

    You may think a Beagle, and a Bulldog are two unlikely mixes; the Bulldog is best known for his “smug” expression, and aggressive tendencies. What most do not know is that the the aggressive tendencies of the breed are not applicable if bred correctly. Bulldogs are loving, loyal creatures that prefer to snooze in the living room surrounded by their pack members [aka you and your family!] then go outside. Beagles share many of the same qualities, and are loyal, kid friendly dogs but this breed has a little more...

  • The Dependable and Adorable Beabull Mix Breed Dog

    Designer dogs are all the rage and right behind them are the new hybrids. Many people love mixed breed or hybrid dogs more than their purebred cousins because they bring the best of both breeds. With a Beabull you have a mix between a purebred Beagle and a purebred Bulldog so you have the combination of both breeds. When you are considering a mixed breed dog it is important to know something about...

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