Imagine - there are a lot of dog breeds. We mean proper purebred breeds.
And there are sites that helps to find information on purebred you are interesting in.

But could you imagine how many hybrid dogs out there? Let's say if you have just 4 breeds by crossing them you could get 6 crossbreeds. Cross from set of 5 purebred breeds will give you 10 mutts! And it's just a sample. In reality you have hundreds of base pure breeds.

So we decided would be nice to create a website that helps to navigate though all the possible breed mixes -

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The Loveable Golden Boxer Mixed Breed

By: ladywordsmith

This is one of the cutest puppies you will ever meet. Although it is called a boxer, it is actually a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Boxer. This boxer/retriever mix breed something that many people will want to take home.

The Golden Boxer is a hybrid dog that is created from a purebred Boxer and a purebred Golden Retriever. Many people like the hybrids better because usually the problems of the breed are bred out of the mixes.

What we have with this boxer/retriever mixed breed is the golden part of the Golden Retriever and the attitude of the Boxer. However, it will depend on the temperament of the breeds that came together to see whether they are compatible to what you would like.

The Golden Boxer brings together the colors of both breeds. It is not uncommon to find a boxer mix puppy that carries the golden color of the retriever and the black markings of the boxer. They also can come in a black color with some tan running through. This will depend on the two dogs that were bred. Usually the ears are floppy rather than straight.

When trying to understand the temperament of this retriever/boxer mixed breed it is a good idea to know something about both breeds. The Golden Retriever tends to be very friendly and well mannered. They are generally easy to train and very gentle with children. They need a lot of exercise so although they do well in an apartment, they will need a brisk walk on a daily basis.

The Boxer is generally a dog with a high spirit who is very curious and playful. They are always into something so you will want to give them something to do. This is a breed that will make something to do if they aren’t kept occupied. They can be stubborn at times but this may be due to the fact that they are intelligent and get bored easily.

When you put these two breeds together, you are going to have a kind and gentle mixed breed dog that likes to play a lot. You will want to make sure that they have exercise and that you walk them. This breed is good with children and they can get along well with other dogs and people as long as they are respectful to the dog.

Your golden boxer/retreiver mix breed puppy will probably grow to be 22-25 inches and weigh 60-70 pounds if it is a male; the females tend to be a little smaller. This is the standard for the purebred dogs. You will want to take your dog to a vet to start establishing their healthcare because there are a few areas where they could have problems.

With Boxers you will want to understand some heart problems, watch the thyroid and skin allergies. You may also have challenges with flatulence or drooling. With the Golden Retriever side, you will want to know more about hip dysphasia and eye problems that they are prone to – by knowing ahead of time what you might face down the road, you can talk to your vet about how to prevent these issues.

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Comments on the article

I have just takin in a golden/ boxer mix. she is exactly as described here, she is very smart, willfull, hyper, and protective! she is wonderfull with all children,but she is too protective to the point of mindless agression towards other dogs if she's caught off gaurd.
golden boxers are adorable... but i've only seen pictures of puppies and i've been on the computer for hours trying to find them but they dont come up
I can concur with the information above about a Golden Boxer. Our Golden Boxer Lily is 30 lbs at 5 months old. She is very playful. Even after a three mile run in the morning she still wants to play all day! She is a beautiful golden color with a hint of black on her nose and a few black hairs throughout he coat; showing perfect highlights.
Thank you so much for this article. Everything you described sounds just like our dog "Misfit" and boy does the name fit her. And of course we had to find out the hard way about her finding something to do if we leave nothing for her. Let's just say that we get new shoes often and start missing mail LOL Thanks again!
I am pretty sure I have a golden boxer. She is so pretty and the smartest dog we have ever had. She is larger than the pounds you state though, about 80 pounds. I have seen a few around our area
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I have a 3.5 month old golden/boxer named Gordy. He has a beautiful brindle coat and already ways 30 pounds! My vet thinks he'll get up to between 75 and 80 pounds. We fits this description perfectly. I've never had a dog that loves people the way he does. When I take him to the pet store or vet, he wants absolutely everyone to pet him. At times, he can get a little rough when playing with me, but everytime he has been around small children he has been so gentle. Great dogs
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I am looking for a golen boxer. I live in FL. Any ideas anyone?
I'm a boxer breeder, we only breed purebred and also champion dogs. One of are dogs are pregnant, they will be golden boxers. We were not intending for this to happen. We were gone when she went into heat for the fourth time. When we came back home, there they were, he ran off but it was to late. But, he is a purebred dog so that's good. Now I need to learn as much as I can. This helped!!
We rescued a dog from our local humane society and did a wisdom panel DNA test on him. He turned out to be a Golden Boxer, and is the best dog I have ever owned. He's almost exactly as described above but is much larger in size, weighing in at 95 lbs. The only health problems we have encountered so far are a couple of odd skin growths that had to be removed by the vet. He is also very vocal and it seems like he "talks back" when he's told to go lay down. He's very trainable and well mannered, but must be watched around small children as he has a tendency to mount them (yes he is neutered). I can't believe someone let this great dog get away. Their loss, our gain.
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