Imagine - there are a lot of dog breeds. We mean proper purebred breeds.
And there are sites that helps to find information on purebred you are interesting in.

But could you imagine how many hybrid dogs out there? Let's say if you have just 4 breeds by crossing them you could get 6 crossbreeds. Cross from set of 5 purebred breeds will give you 10 mutts! And it's just a sample. In reality you have hundreds of base pure breeds.

So we decided would be nice to create a website that helps to navigate though all the possible breed mixes -

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Goberian - a Golden Husky

By: Tracy

One of the most rare hybrid breeds to date is the Goberian – a designer dog that's parent breeds are the Golden Retriever, and the Siberian Husky. Both these breeds share one thing in common; they were bred to be working dogs. Golden Retrievers were originally bred to be gun dogs; they were to “retrieve” any animals that were caught during hunting season. The Siberian Husky [as we all know] is a dog bred for speed, and has been around for many years as a family dog, sled dog, and show dog. As far as personality goes both breeds are quite different; the Golden Retriever is a family dog that's happy to be in the presence of children and other pets; hardly aggressive they have excellent temperaments and are a real “people dog.” Siberian Huskies are also personable, but tend to be a one person dog and can be aloof with strangers. They carry some of the characteristics from the wolf, and often howl instead of barking! Bred together, the Goberian is a superior dog – it blends some of the best personality traits from both parent breeds and your outcome is a personable dog, who's loyal, easy to train [but very active!] and eager to please.

Your Goberian is NOT suited for an apartment; he or she will need plenty of room to roam [Huskies tend to be roamers] and play, and will not thrive in a cramped space. Males can run up to ninety pounds, with thick, shiny coats that DO shed, and WILL require daily brushing. Goberian's come in black and white, or all white with pointy ears [they can resemble white Shepherds...] they are handsome, good looking dogs and the only health issue they should pose is obesity. Providing your pet with daily activity, and room to run and you will not see this problem!

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There are lots of golden retrievers and husky mixes in shelters! Why buy one when you could save a life!
I have a goberian. She looks just like a siberian husky (grey and white) with blue eyes but she has floppy ears and a slightly heavier build. She likes to dig and is quite playful. She is a beautiful dog with a fun personality.
lol - don't kid yourself that a "goberian" is a designer breed - it's a cross. We adopted our Golden/Husky cross for a shelter, he is a lovely golden red/white mix. Likes a good run, is very very strong and big. He is a big softy at heart, great with the kids, very tolerant to constant cuddles and people lying on him. Like all crosses it's a combo of luck and training!
I had a Yellow Lab X Siberian Husky cross who was the most outstanding dog I've ever encountered. I lived in a rural community and in an urban environment. This dog was never on a leash (I could only do this because prairie cities have a lot of unused space and his personality allowed for it). He would wait at sidewalks for me to say "Ok" or bike/ walk past him. He had the trait of Huskies that was very pack - oriented. He wouldn't repeat seemingly pointless tasks unless there was some element of game, or challenge, or competition, he was always ready to go for a long walk. The Lab part of him was also pronounced. He was very "personable", haha, I guess is the best way to put it. He'd meet the dogs first then all the people, put his foot in the water dish constantly, and had a baseball bat for a tail that would knock everything off the coffee table.
thats completely wrong goberians can have traits up to 99% of either dog
I have a Goberian pup...beautiful golden coat with some husky markings and brown eyes...
I have a goberian, and it's such a very powerfull dog, very very powerful, once he can pull a big desk when it's walking rope were tied on that desk.
Hi I have a goberian called Chopper and hes all gold with lighter gold/white-ish patches hes 8 months old and already huge and powerful, hes so fast that when i take him out on my mountain bike he can almost keep up with me when im at full speed. does any1 have any pics of there dog they could email to me to compare thanks a lot.
Max is a Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever Mix. He is 2.5 years old, weighs about 90lbs, has powder blue eyes, and pure black thick fur with a small white heart. He iis as fast as a rocketship, is loyal as any dog I have ever owned, loves to hunt, and KILL small animals...especially cats, rats, rabbits, and opposum. He is a hard charging dog. ie...he plays rough with the big boys. However, he is as gentle as a bull in a china shop with children. He has roamed. However, he is also the equivalent age of a 17 year old teen age boy. Hmmmm..... I have since brought another Siberian Mix into my home, and they get along fanatastic..and he no longer roams. He follows her around like a good boyfriend should!! LOL! Its actually very nice. She is very obedient. She is a Siberian/German Shepherd/Labrador mix. Looks just like a Siberian except for her pointed floppy ears. I am going to breed these two wonderful dogs and I am very excited about what they produce. We already have people beating our door down to get a pup.
After accidently, bred this type of dog, thinking that the pups were mutts I gave away all the pups but one, two going to dear friends of mine, these pups are the most unique dogs, they all have very different personalities and looks, mine is short, bulky and blonde, one being short and white and one being lean and tall, their faces are all different shaped, they all seem to be very stuburn and smart...but i have found they are very wonderful puppies, I am actually trying to learn more about this dogg to bring out his ful potental, I know he is a great retreiver and a good bird dog, but I want to find out other avenues to try with this dog, any suggestions where to go?
My 1 year old puppy finnegan is a goberian. Its interesting because I also have a 7 year old golden retriever, and she is the most mellow dog I've ever met. Finnegan (finny for short) on the other hand could spend his whole day playing fetch, and if nobodys around to throw the tennis ball to him, he literally plays with his toys. He loves being outside, and is incredibly smart. We even taught him a command for giving kisses. His coat is a very light gold, and his longer ears are a medium gold and he has dark brown eyes. He's truly a beautiful dog.
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I agree, why buy one? I got my Charlie from a shelter, he is a light cream colored 70 pound ball of energy with light blue eyes. designer dog? pshh
I have a Goberian. Shes a beautiful creme color, with pointy ears and likes to howl. I adopted her from a shelter little over a week ago. At first she was SUPER shy, but she warmed up really fast once she started playing with my two year old daughter. I cant seperate the two!
That’s more than senisble! That’s a great post!
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Didn't know our dog was a Goberian. Her parents we pure breed Husky and Golden Retriever. She was a sweet heart. She just died last fall at the age of 13 and 1/2. She is sorely missed. She was such a love. She was a smallish golden and white dog. Just about had the markings of a collie. She was loyal. NEVER barked. We had to train her to bark when she wanted in the house! Loved to run when she was young. Had to put her on a shock collar that about broke our heart to do. But she was SO smart. She learned to come to us when called after ONE shock. Never needed it again. She was great with kids. Loved to cuddle. Thought she was a lap dog for years. Loved to travel with us. Always friendly with EVERYONE. No one was a stranger to her. If I could've cloned her I would've in a minute, she was so great. We are very sorry she died. We loved her!
I have a Goberian. He weighs about 90 lbs, is tall, has a Golden Retriever body and color but Siberian Husky markings. He rarely barks but does "Husky talk", although with a higher pitched voice. He started out with the Husky tail, it curls up, thick and full, but now is starting to get a bit of the tail feathers like a retriever, only not as full fledged. His ears point up more like the Husky, but out a bit...he kind of looks like a giant fox. He is extremely strong and very playful. He thinks he's a lapdog, and is very loving, very social. He loves to play with his toys and will entertain himself for hours. He likes to run off like a Husky and can be stubborn like them too, but with a difference, he'll check back with me and doesn't stray as far as a Husky. He seems hyper and rambunctious, but has such a wonderful personality. He is a handful, but I'm closer to him than any dog I've ever had.
i just got one of these dogs from my freind who bred her husky with her golden and i couldnt have gotting a better puppy aries is only 4 months weighing in at 20lb already he looks just like hes dad the husky with one brown eye and one blue hes mostly black with white husky markings hes so calm he loves to just sleep but he wont turn down play time lol i have a 3 yr 1yr and 5 month old kids and he just loves them at night he wont sleep he gos from by my babys bed to the 1yr bed to the 3yr bed to my bed like hes watching to make sure wer all safe he will falow me around the house laying on my feet when i stop my 3yr has alot of health problems and is going blined he also falows her like he wants to make sure shes ok when she leaves for school he will sit by the door till she comes home 4 hours later i have never heard him bark yet hes all together the best dog i have ever had
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I have a gorbian, Her name is Pearl, She is 2 years old. Very smart... very loving, the best alram system a single mom could have. Pearl's mother was a wolf/ husky hybrid, and her dad is a golden retriever, Pearl is small maybe 60 lbs, and looks like a floppy eared small sheperd. I love this dof I have had many "prue breed" dogs older the years, But None of them were as smart as Pearl. The best dog, not a good retriever, she would rather play keep away... loves to run rings around me... always say in site of mt though. if I let her run till she's tired she will come for water, and ice cubes... She knows the words... let's got to the mail box, the trash, the car, OMG!! she will pee and poop on demand, the best dad ever!!!! I am going to pick up her baby sister at the end of the month, I recemend, anyone looking for a smart dog the is very eazy to train, getting a goberian
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I loved my Goberian like a best friend. She was smart, spunky , and very intuitive. She had the markings of a Husky but the personality of a Golden. Her name was Lilo and I miss her so much! She did love to dig as a puppy, but she got over that when I would coax her inside with a little treat, nothing bad! Great dogs..I want another one!
I loved my Goberian like a best friend. She was smart, spunky , and very intuitive. She had the markings of a Husky but the personality of a Golden. Her name was Lilo and I miss her so much! She did love to dig as a puppy, but she got over that when I would coax her inside with a little treat, nothing bad! Great dogs..I want another one!
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We got our girls a male goberian for christmas and he is a GREAT DOG plays kisses nips a bit, but he was teething. We also have a black lab and the 2 get along so well its awesome. Our cat and goberian both play alot and get All 3 of our animals are wonderful. Our Black Lab is 2 1/2 his name is Daytona...our cat is 3 and his name is Talladega and then the newest addition is Brickyard. All male animals but they all know Momma is the pack leader.
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  • Irish Breed Dog Mixes

    So, what do you get when you mix an Irish Water Spaniel with an English springer spaniel? You get an Irish Springer, a dog fresh and clean as a whistle! This little joke illustrates the fact that crossing breeds can sometimes have some unexpected outcomes; some can even be comical, like the Puggle (Pug + Beagle), while others are very desirable. For example, the Irish setter, as we know it today, is the result of mixing six different breeds over time. According to...

  • How about a Coodle?

    A very interesting hybrid that was in my family for many years was a coodle. A coodle was in actual fact a cross between a French Poodle and a Border Collie. The couple met on a farm where the poodle was a house dog, and the Border collie was a working dog. Border Collies are used extensively in sheep farming, and are exceptionally effective in rounding up flocks of sheep, working almost telepathically with the farmer.

  • Boxerdoodle - a family mix

    The Boxer is one of the more popular breeds for families with kids; they are excellent with children and very loyal to their families and so they make excellent candidates for those in need of a “protector” or sorts. Poodles share some of the same personality traits as the Boxer, and are incredibly intelligent and easy to train. Sounds like the perfect match, doesn't it? Your Boxerdoodle will be a...

  • Beabull - an unexpected mix

    You may think a Beagle, and a Bulldog are two unlikely mixes; the Bulldog is best known for his “smug” expression, and aggressive tendencies. What most do not know is that the the aggressive tendencies of the breed are not applicable if bred correctly. Bulldogs are loving, loyal creatures that prefer to snooze in the living room surrounded by their pack members [aka you and your family!] then go outside. Beagles share many of the same qualities, and are loyal, kid friendly dogs but this breed has a little more...

  • Boxweiler - a loyal mix breed

    Did you know the Rottweiler was once bred to be a herding dog? Many people today are frightened of the breed because of it's large size, and "tough" looks. Truth be told the Rottweiler breed is intelligent, loyal, and if trained properly an excellent family pet. The Boxer is also one of the most popular family dog; they are phenomenal with children and are loving, loyal additions to your family. The two breeds mixed together give you the Boxweiler; this hybrid pup will be anything but...

  • Boxador - best guardian for your children

    There are two breeds that are known for their love of children; the Labrador, and the Boxer. These two breeds are known for their loyalty, and playful attitudes. The Labrador is a working breed, best known for retrieving and hunting and for their charming personalities, non aggressive tendencies, and ability to withstand ear tugging from children. The Boxer is more standoffish, preferring the company of his own family to that of strangers, who he is wary of. When you put these two breeds together you are creating...

  • Golden Boxer - stands out of the rest

    When you hear the term “Golden Boxer” you are probably thinking of a Boxer that stands out from the rest, and is the “golden” puppy of the litter. Clever thinking, but a Golden Boxer is a breed of designer dog that's becoming more popular here in the United States thanks to it's excellent temperament, and good looks. Both Golden Retrievers and Boxers are known for...

  • Alaskan Husky

    There are two types of dog breeds that come to mind when we think of sled dogs; The Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky. Both breeds are born to withstand freezing cold winters, running long distances, and working hard to please their owners. The Alaskan-Husky is a new hybrid breed of dog that...

  • Goberian - a Golden Husky

    One of the most rare hybrid breeds to date is the Goberian – a designer dog that's parent breeds are the Golden Retriever, and the Siberian Husky. Both these breeds share one thing in common; they were bred to be working dogs. Golden Retrievers were originally bred to be gun dogs; they were to "retrieve" any animals that were caught during hunting season. The Siberian Husky (as we all know) is a dog bred for speed, and has been around for many years as a family dog, sled dog, and show dog. As far as personality goes both breeds are...

  • Beago - a Golden Beagle

    When you put two lovable breeds together what do you get? The Beago; a Golden Retriever and Beagle hybrid breed. Both the Beagle, and Golden Retriever are dogs bred to hunt; they are driven, intelligent, and loyal and will not stop until they have succeeded in their role as working dog. The Beago's personality will...

  • The Playful and Courageous Dorkie

    In high school students will say that certain things are Dorky and we wonder whether or not this is where this particular name came from for this mixed breed. None the less, we want you to know that it the Dorkie is a cross between a Dachshund and a Yorkshire Terrier. This breeds a small dog that is the size of some of the toy designer dogs. When looking at this cross breed, it is important to not that...

  • The Reliable and Courageous Sheprador

    The new mixed breed animals are all the rage for people who want some thing different. You may be wondering what a Sheprador is because it is one of these interesting hybrids. This is a cross between an Australian Shepard and a Labrador Retriever. In order to understand the ways in which this dog is different, it is a good idea to know something about the two breeds. When you think about the...

  • The Loving but Feisty Yorkie Poo

    If you like the smaller dogs you will want to check into the designer Yorkie Poo. This is a dog that is a mixed hybrid that is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. Many people love these cross breeds because they are cute and because they are feisty at the same time. Some people say these mixed breeds are perfect for having the best of both worlds when you want a dog that has the characteristics of more than one breed. In this case, you have...

  • The Dependable and Adorable Beabull Mix Breed Dog

    Designer dogs are all the rage and right behind them are the new hybrids. Many people love mixed breed or hybrid dogs more than their purebred cousins because they bring the best of both breeds. With a Beabull you have a mix between a purebred Beagle and a purebred Bulldog so you have the combination of both breeds. When you are considering a mixed breed dog it is important to know something about...

  • The Loveable Golden Boxer Mixed Breed

    This is one of the cutest puppies you will ever meet. Although it is called a boxer, it is actually a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Boxer. This boxer/retriever mix breed something that many people will want to take home. The Golden Boxer is a...

  • 5 Most Odd Designer/Hybrid Mix Dogs

    All the Doodles, and Boodles aside there are some really strange sounding designer breeds out there! We've done our research, and come up with the five hybrid breeds that will have you questioning just what was going through the minds of their breeders!

  • Choosing a Mixed Breed

    People who decide they want a dog and then acquire a mongrel rather than a pedigree fall into two groups those who have thought very carefully about it and those who haven&rsquo;t. People who search their hearts and finally choose a...

  • Augi - a superior work dog!

    The Augie is a hybrid dog; in this case a mix of the Australian Shepherd and Welsh Corgi! The Augi would make a great family pet, but they do require mental stimulation, daily exercise, and vigorous training. Why? Both the Australian Shepherd, and the Welsh Corgi are working dogs, bred to herd sheep and cattle. When you combine the two mixes to create this designer dog, you're going to get a superior work dog, so if you're a farmer looking for the perfect companion, the Augi is for you! If you haven't got barn yard animals to herd, the Augi would excel at...

  • Sheltidoodle - an intelligent mix!

    What do you get when you mix a Sheltie, and a Poodle? A sheltidoodle! Highly intelligent, loyal, and affectionate this hybrid would do well in a home with children. If you are an apartment dweller, you can also swing owning a Sheltidoodle because of their size [which we will talk about in a minute!] Sheltidoodles will be easy to train thanks to the intelligence passed down from the Poodle, so housebreaking and basic commands won't be a problem. You'll need to socialize your new puppy as soon as possible [trips to the dog park anyone?] because your Sheltidoodle may tend...

  • Saint Bernedoodle - a pleasant mix!

    If you want a silly name to spout when talking of your new pet, try the Saint Bernedoodle, a mix of Standard Poodle and Saint Bernard. When you mix these two breeds together you get a puppy that does fantastically with children [Saint Bernard's are very fond of them] combined with the intelligence of the Poodle. Poodles tend to be high energy, but Saint Bernard's enjoy lounging around, so the Saint Bernedoodle will be...

  • Gollie - a golde collie!

    There are two purebred dogs that make excellent family dogs; the Golden Retriever, and the Collie...put those two together and you get a Gollie! The hybrid breed has been around since 2006, so it's fairly new and not as popular as some of the other designer breeds, but we have a feeling it will start to become a family favorite. Gollie's make phenomenal family pets, and will do just fine in a home with children. Patient, loyal, and loving these dogs aim to please, and will be a cinch to house break, and train. Since both the Collie, and Golden Retriever require...

  • Berndernese - an interesting mix!

    Another designer breed with the Bernese Mountain Dog mixed in, this time with a Border Collie. Interesting mix? We think so! When you mix the loyalty and affectionate side of the Berner, with the cunning, intelligent, work-driven side of the Border Collie what do you get? A Berndernese! If you're considering a Bernderdese it's obvious why. Your new pet will be...

  • Bernedoodle - a pal for life!

    When contemplating what dog is best for your family it's no doubt the Bernerdoodle is the perfect pick! Half Poodle, half Bernese Mountain Dog this hybrid is bound to knock your socks off with it's loyalty, and intelligence. Because both Poodles, and Berners have excellent patience, are fantastically loyal, and stable these dogs are fine around little children. Your Bernedoodle will...

  • Brat - not what you think but a cute mix!

    When considering a pet, one named “Brat” doesn't seem like a likely candidate, right? Think again! The brat is a hybrid dog that takes the best of the Boston and Rat terriers, to create a fantastic toy dog. Your brat will be anything but; these dogs are bred to be less aggressive, and more family oriented than the original Boston and Rat Terriers. They like to learn new tricks and are happy to please their owners with...

  • Yorkipoo - a designer dog for a designer bag!

    Again, we see the Poodle being used to create the ultimate breed, this time paired up with the Yorkshire Terrier, an absolutely adorable toy breed that many socialites enjoying carrying in their designer dog bags. The Poodle, which we have discussed previously, is an intelligent, noble breed and paired with the Yorkie, who despite it's size is a fearless little pup. When you put the two breeds together to make this designer dog you are left with a companion that's independent, but loving, easy to train, yet mischievous. The perfect fit! Yorkipoos are becoming more popular today, because...

  • Puggle - a sweet mix!

    The word Puggle has a whimsical ring to it, and it's no doubt this breed makes for a great pet. This hybrid is a cross between the ever common Pug, and the energetic Beagle. Like the two breeds it's crossed with, the Puggle would do well in a family environment, with children and other pets. This is a sweet breed who's interest in everything will be an endless source of amusement. Take a little spunk from the Beagle, mix it with the sweet disposition of the Pug, and you have a great designer dog, the Puggle! The Puggle can certainly be considered a lap dog, ranging from...

  • Pomapoo - a family treat!

    It's no doubt the Poodle is used as a breed for many designer dogs; the breed is intelligent, easy to train, fantastic with children, and good natured. When mixing with other breeds, these traits will be passed along making one heck of a pet! The Pomapoo if you haven't already guessed, is a mix of the Poodle, and Pomeranian. When you take...

  • Labradoodle - better than poodle!

    Like the Cockapoo this hybrid has a few of the Poodle traits, but paired with the best genes from the Labrador. First bred in the eighties the Labradoodle is a designer breed that's part standard size Poodle, part Labrador. Both breeds are intelligent, and that trait has successfully created an exceptionally smart dog that...

  • Jack-A-Bee - fantastic dog mix!

    What do you get when you cross a Jack Russel Terrier and a Beagle? A Jack-A-Bee! This adventurous breed would make a fantastic, energetic pet. Like the Jack Russel these pets will...

  • Cockapoo - If you love teddy bears, it may be the dog for you!

    The Cockapoo is a mix breed that has both Cocker Spaniel, and Poodle features. When heading over to a breeder make sure you ask the appropriate questions so that you meet the breed standard. A Cockapoo from a reputable breeder should have...

  • Chi Chi - Not the dance, this is a dog breed you can own!

    Like the Chi Apso, the Chi-Chi is a mix of Chihuahua but with a twist from the Chinese Crested dog. When you put these two breeds together...

  • Chi Apso - a tongue twister of a breed!

    If you're ready for a tongue twister, try to say Chi Apso five times fast! This dog is a mix between the adorably tiny Chihuahua and the Lhasa Apso. This breed has been recognized by...

  • What is a hybrid dog breeds?

    You hear the word Cockapoo, and you think “oh that's just another mutt...” right? Who wouldn't! The truth is, a hybrid [or designer] breed of dog is anything but a mutt. We are going to take some time to explain the difference before you go check out some of the breeds available.

  • Bullmation - a surprising mix!

    When thinking about purchasing a designer breed dog the last mix that comes to your mind is a Bulldog and a Dalmatian, right? Think again! The Bullmation is a hybrid of...

  • Buggs - Not the bunny, the dog!

    There's a reason Pugs are used to create so many hybrid dog breeds; they're charming, personable, and apartment friendly making them ideal pets for the city dweller. So what happens when you take a breed like the Pug and mix it with the equally loving Boston Terrier? You get a Buggs! Buggs are going to...