Imagine - there are a lot of dog breeds. We mean proper purebred breeds.
And there are sites that helps to find information on purebred you are interesting in.

But could you imagine how many hybrid dogs out there? Let's say if you have just 4 breeds by crossing them you could get 6 crossbreeds. Cross from set of 5 purebred breeds will give you 10 mutts! And it's just a sample. In reality you have hundreds of base pure breeds.

So we decided would be nice to create a website that helps to navigate though all the possible breed mixes -

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5 Most Odd Designer/Hybrid Mix Dogs

By: Tracy

All the Doodles, and Boodles aside there are some really strange sounding designer breeds out there! We've done our research, and come up with the five hybrid breeds that will have you questioning just what was going through the minds of their breeders!

  1. Faux Frenchbo Bulldog photo picture The Faux Frenchbo Bulldog. Say what? Try to spit that out ten times fast! This breed is a cross between the Boston Terrier, and French Bulldog. This is a new breed, and not much is known besides the fact that they're adorable, and have a tongue twisting name! Do you think they'll become popular with a name so long and hard to pronounce or will their strange title boost their popularity?

  2. Faux Frenchbo Bulldog photo picture Feeling hungry? Try a Taco Terrier! This hybrid is a cross between a Toy Fox Terrier and a Chihuahua. Small, and mischievous this dog will live up to it's silly name. These little guys think they're bigger than life and will need to be well socialized so they learn to respect other dogs.

  3. If you've got a new dog, the last thing you want it to be is crusty...but apparently it's not a bad thing since Crusties are pretty adorable hybrids! A mix of the Chinese Crested and Yorkie these little guys are excellent apartment dwellers, and if bred to be hairless, are perfect for the pet owner who covets a pet that won't shed or a pet that won't require ANY grooming.

  4. This may come as no shocker, but the Shocker is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and Shiba Unu. Your shocker will be easy to train, and fairly independent. Shiba Unu's are said to be “cat like” dogs because they can take, or leave human companionship but paired with the Cocker Spaniel they get the best of both breeds! Independent YET loving.

  5. Poshie mix dog

    Lastly, we have the Poshie - a cross between a Sheltie, and Pomeranian. Poshies will be just that! Little dogs with a big ego. Your poshi will be high energy, but because of their petite size would do fine in an apartment setting. Don't spoil them too much!

Do you know other odd mixed breeds? Let us know (leave a comment) and we'll review them in the next article!

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any record of a chihahua and a toy poodle mix?
Anyone has a mix of Newfoundland and Yorkshire Terrier?
they say my do is a dorky have dauchound have york. greaties pup ever so mellow hardly barks very very smart
How about the Shih-Poo? (Shih-Tzu/Poodle)
What about a cocker spaniel and jack russell mix? just saw some foe sale and was wandering if thats a good mix
yes! i too, have a adorable little puppy, who is a cross between a chichuacha, pommerain, and weiramer, he's called a chi-wen-pom. and he is just the cutest thing. he thinks he"s much bigger in size like the rest of the big dogs. and no big dog scares him. smile. he does not bac down r run away.
jack russle tarrier long haird chiwowwa and pug also doxson
im thinking of buying a shi-chi,shih-tzu x chihuahua at end of may when pups are ready for new homes.Any advice? cant find much info on them. Thanx
I have a designer dog named Lucy. Lucy is a Puggle. This is a mix of a pug and a beagle. She is tan cute and a pretty middle aged dog. I LOVE YOU LUCY!!!
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Two years ago, I bought my dog henry from a pet store that claimed he was a boston terrier, australian shepherd mix. Henry's littermates all had blue eyes -- his are brown. A few weeks ago i sent in Henry's DNA to be tested and he came back half and half: boston terrier and siberian husky! he's an absolutely beautiful dog. 46 pounds. in between long and short hair, unusual brindle with white boston terrier color pattern. he has no tail.
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Long haired Chihauhua,s and mintureDachshund.chidockies very loveing and faimly oriented. very playful they are @ med.size hair about med,lenghth.very loyal little puppy,s.These cross breed pup,s of tow pure breed,s all so make good squirl dog,s
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The Teddy is a Chow Chow and shar pei cross. It is a loving breed that loves to go on long walks in sun,snow or rain and tends to be a perrfect dog for people who love to go hiking up rocky mountains as its long fur keeps it warm. It is hardy and is loyal to its owner which makes it the perrfect guard dog. If trained from a pup it can be tought to gaurd chikens or rabbits from foxs and to bark if someone enters your drive Pic:
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I had an accident litter a couple years ago -- I called them Bostenjis, a cross between a Basenji and a Boston Terrier. I doubt that this cross has ever been done intentionally, but they were really good looking puppies!
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    Like the Cockapoo this hybrid has a few of the Poodle traits, but paired with the best genes from the Labrador. First bred in the eighties the Labradoodle is a designer breed that's part standard size Poodle, part Labrador. Both breeds are intelligent, and that trait has successfully created an exceptionally smart dog that...

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    What do you get when you cross a Jack Russel Terrier and a Beagle? A Jack-A-Bee! This adventurous breed would make a fantastic, energetic pet. Like the Jack Russel these pets will...

  • Cockapoo - If you love teddy bears, it may be the dog for you!

    The Cockapoo is a mix breed that has both Cocker Spaniel, and Poodle features. When heading over to a breeder make sure you ask the appropriate questions so that you meet the breed standard. A Cockapoo from a reputable breeder should have...

  • Chi Chi - Not the dance, this is a dog breed you can own!

    Like the Chi Apso, the Chi-Chi is a mix of Chihuahua but with a twist from the Chinese Crested dog. When you put these two breeds together...

  • Chi Apso - a tongue twister of a breed!

    If you're ready for a tongue twister, try to say Chi Apso five times fast! This dog is a mix between the adorably tiny Chihuahua and the Lhasa Apso. This breed has been recognized by...

  • What is a hybrid dog breeds?

    You hear the word Cockapoo, and you think “oh that's just another mutt...” right? Who wouldn't! The truth is, a hybrid [or designer] breed of dog is anything but a mutt. We are going to take some time to explain the difference before you go check out some of the breeds available.

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    There's a reason Pugs are used to create so many hybrid dog breeds; they're charming, personable, and apartment friendly making them ideal pets for the city dweller. So what happens when you take a breed like the Pug and mix it with the equally loving Boston Terrier? You get a Buggs! Buggs are going to...