Imagine - there are a lot of dog breeds. We mean proper purebred breeds.
And there are sites that helps to find information on purebred you are interesting in.

But could you imagine how many hybrid dogs out there? Let's say if you have just 4 breeds by crossing them you could get 6 crossbreeds. Cross from set of 5 purebred breeds will give you 10 mutts! And it's just a sample. In reality you have hundreds of base pure breeds.

So we decided would be nice to create a website that helps to navigate though all the possible breed mixes -

Mix Birds - Websites Directory

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Non-Allergic/Hypoallergenic Mix Breed Birds

Hypoallergenic birds are non allergic pets. It's common to believe such mix breed as Labradoodle are non allergic as they are hybrid with hypoallergenic Poodle. That is usualy the case but not 100% guaranteed. As when you mix 2 breeds the offspring is getting genes from both parents and chances to get a desired non-allergic characteristic are 50x50.

List of hypoallergenic (non allergic) bird breeds